The 5 most beautiful cities in Spain that you did not know about.
Noisy Barcelona, ​​colorful Seville - the most famous cities in Spain, massively attracting tourists. But in addition to the most popular holiday destinations, in this country there are a number…

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The 5 most beautiful cities in Spain that you did not know about.
Noisy Barcelona, ​​colorful Seville - the most famous cities in Spain, massively attracting tourists. But in addition to the most popular holiday destinations, in this country there are a number…

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Pantry health
The mountains. What could be more picturesque than these are huge "giants". And the most beautiful mountains are located in Kislovodsk. The Stavropol Territory is famous not only for its…

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5 unexpected facts that we did not know about Japan

The Japanese steadfastly honor the traditions of their ancestors, but at the same time they never cease to amaze with their inventions in robotics. Today, the country of the rising sun takes third place in the global economy, which is associated with active work on innovation.

Once you go to Japan, you can no longer return from there as before. High-speed trains, smart technologies, atypical food, and people who are always ready to help – why not love this fabulous land of the rising sun? We offer you to get acquainted with 5 facts that will help to understand Japan.

Fact 1. Nature and technology are inseparable neighbors
Japan is a country of contrasts. Modern skyscrapers peacefully coexist with ancient temples, high-speed “Shinkansens” ply among the mountain landscapes, and robotic vacuum cleaners clean the house while the owners admire the sakura blossom in the nearest park.

People in Japan know how to enjoy nature and its variability, protecting numerous green areas. In honor of the spring blooming sakura, the Japanese organize festivals and mass gatherings under the blooming Tokyo cherries. Mount Fuji-san – the symbol of Japan and the hallmark of Honshu Island – attracting crowds of photographers, tourists, climbers and even pilgrims. A park in the city of Nara has become home to tame deer. They walk around everywhere and allow themselves to be stroked for tasty treats.

These and other famous places can be reached by high-speed train. Monorail, which runs directly from airports, is also popular in Tokyo. The plans of the Japanese geniuses are to create a robotic taxi with artificial intelligence. If you like to walk, then sidewalks with heating will make your walks as comfortable as possible even in winter.

Fact 2. Transport – comfortable and on schedule
It’s hard to understand the Japanese transport system right away: various railway companies, each of which has its own station, a dozen or even more types of tickets, many transfers and not everywhere there are English instructions. But having studied the guidebook, you can easily calculate your route.

And if you follow the lead of adventurism and find the flights you need by trial and error, after a couple of days in Japan you will turn from a gaijin into a seasoned one.

All transport in Japanese cities is very comfortable – there are no exceptions. In the subway there is a toilet, left-luggage offices, ATMs and even a cafe. Rail trains, most of which are owned by Japan Railways, are never late. Many residents who work far from their hometown are used to using this type of transport daily.

Senkansen trains are the fastest in the country. Familiar models have a speed of 300 km / h, but this was not enough for the Japanese, and they invented a prototype that accelerates to 590 km / h. Despite the fact that the transport on a magnetic pad is very fast, it is considered safe. Over the entire period of the existence of “bullet trains”, not a single accident happened to them.

Fact 3. Altruism and gratitude for any service
Every Japanese knows, if they helped him in something, he must certainly thank him. The response services here are not considered a sign of good taste, but a habit. In Japan, if you were presented with an expensive present, it is not necessary to spend your last savings and make an equivalent gesture. It is enough to treat the well-wisher with dinner.

Local residents are so disinterested that they forget about time and that they are busy when someone asks them to help. Even if you turned to the office worker hurrying home with a question about the right road. Even if you distracted from the important affairs of a street vendor with a request to draw a location map. You will never be denied help: they will show the road, tell, draw and even lead.

For the Japanese, the most important aspect of life is the family. They are ready to sacrifice their comfort, if only those close to them would be happy: give the last piece of the pie, give up the most convenient place, listen and cheer up.

Fact 4. Safety on the streets
Among the Japanese, it is not customary to take someone else’s. The fact that you habitually hold your wallet closer to your heart in a tightly closed handbag may surprise a Japanese resident. If the local replaces that you forgot an umbrella in the cafe or dropped a large bill, he will certainly catch up with you and return the loss. Even during earthquakes, the country has a very low percentage of looting. It’s all because it’s a shame to take things that do not belong to you, even Japanese children know this. The latter, by the way, themselves travel around the city by public transport, including six-year-olds.

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During corporate parties, it’s unusual for the Japanese to start a fight, even while intoxicated. But drunken servants can be seen in the morning sleeping peacefully on benches in nearby parks.

Fact 5. Unusual flavor combinations
Those who believe that true foodies live in Italy are not yet familiar with Japanese cuisine. Habitual food here is famous not only for strange taste mixes, but also for unusual colors.

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