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TOP of the strangest cities in the world

In what places will it not bring during the trip! It happens that you get to some place, look around, look around, and then you can’t forget until the end of your life! Because it’s scary, strange, incomprehensible and somehow eerie there everything is arranged for them. Check out our ranking of the strangest cities in the world, because some of them are better to read than to see.

The Villages (USA) – Golf Mobile City
This place is a real paradise for senior citizens. The Villages is located in Florida and is home to about 100 thousand people. The town has fitness centers, bike paths, golf courses, cozy restaurants and everything you need for a comfortable life.

There is a rule according to which children under 12 years old cannot live here, and in every house there must be someone over 55 years old. Most residents ride golf carts. Rumor has it that this quiet place is full of scandals and gossip. Fights in bars, indecent behavior and drunk driving are not uncommon here. Who knows what the truth is …

Whittier (USA) – the city of one house
The population of this town, located in Alaska, has 220 people. Most people live in a 14-story building called Begich Towers. The building was built 60 years ago, and earlier it served as an army barracks. Now under its roof are not only apartments, but also a shop, post office, church, hospital, school and police station. In summer, the sun shines here 22 hours a day and life is in full swing, and in winter – up to 6 meters of snow falls. Here he is, a town in which everyone is neighbors.

Colma (USA) – a place in which there are fewer living people than dead
More than 70% of the territory of the city of Colma, located in California, is reserved for cemeteries. 1,500 people live in it and 1.5 million dead are buried. The fact is that during the gold rush people in crowds reached out to San Francisco. Due to the many diseases that the immigrants brought, by the end of 1880, 26 city cemeteries were overcrowded. Burials began to be carried out in a nearby settlement, which became Colma.

In 1900, burials in San Francisco were banned, and 14 years later a decree was issued to remove previously buried bodies from it. It’s not difficult to guess where they were transferred. Today, Colma is called the “city of souls.”

Ordos (China) – a huge ghost town
This city in Inner Mongolia was built with the expectation that more than a million people will live in it. But for the entire period of Ordos’s existence, people occupied a maximum of 2% of its area. A few decades ago, under the influence of coal fever, investors began to actively build residential buildings in Ordos. But they did not receive the expected rental demand.

Today, the streets of the town are full of dilapidated and unfinished buildings. Real estate prices have fallen and graduates are offered offices with all amenities for free. Let’s see, maybe, thanks to this Ordos will come to life.

Longyearbyen (Norway) – A city where death is prohibited
This is the northernmost settlement on the planet, in which 1 thousand people live. Longyearbyen is located in Norway and there is everything the same as in other cities: airport, shops, museum, post office, ATMs, church, etc. It’s strictly forbidden to die in Longyearbyen. When someone is seriously ill, he is transported to another place. And if suddenly a person nevertheless died, they would not bury him in the city for anything. This is not the machinations of the devil and not the whim of the authorities. Just because of the extreme cold, decomposition of bodies becomes impossible, which is very dangerous (especially if the cause of death was a virus).

Noiva do Cordeiro (Brazil) – city of women
This town was founded in 1891 by a woman who was expelled from the community for adultery. Today, around 600 people live in Noiva do Cordeiro, most of whom are women. Some of them are married, but husbands work in a neighboring town and only come home on weekends. Women here are engaged in agriculture, and also manage all spheres of life in the city. A true matriarchal society.

Of course, single residents of the town also want love and romance. Therefore, several years ago, using Facebook and an ad in a local newspaper, they invited men to come to Noiva do Cordeiro. Those wishing to move permanently will have to accept the principles of this society so as not to disrupt the way of life of the community that has been so carefully built for so long.

Auroville (India) – Utopia city
In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the city of Auroville was founded in 1968. People here live outside religion, nationality and politics. No one uses money or owns property. Medicine, sports, training, entertainment – all this Aurovilians receive for free. The city consists of community gardens called brotherhoods. The population of Auroville totals 2.5 thousand people who came from 45 countries.

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TOP of the strangest cities in the world
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