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Italy: Seas of Italy

Italy is a long peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. Along the coast are beach resorts, where millions of tourists come annually. But the Mediterranean basin consists of 11 parts, and each of them has its own characteristics. So how many seas washes Italy, and which coast to choose for a vacation?

The Italian peninsula is surrounded by the waters of four water areas. The island of Sicily is in contact with the fifth part, which does not have a separate name. Tourism is developed throughout the country, and before choosing a tour, you should find out which seas are washed by Italy:

Ligurian in the west, with the Gulf of Genoa in the north;
Adriatic in the east, with the Gulf of Venice in the northern part;
Ionian in the southeast, with the Gulf of Taranto;
Tyrrhenian in the southwest;
Inland off the south of Sicily.
The water of Liguria is warmer than air on the coast by 1-2 degrees, with the exception of summer. In July and August, the sea warms up to + 25-26 ° С. The swimming season lasts from June to mid-September.

On the Italian Riviera are the elite resorts of San Remo and Alassio with luxury hotels. Also popular among tourists are Empire, Finale Ligure, Rapallo. In larger cities, Livorno, Pisa and Genoa, you can combine spending time at the seaside with excursions to local attractions – the beaches here are in the vicinity of settlements. La Spezia has a base of warships.

In conversations about which seas are washed by the shores of Italy, the Adriatic is recalled as the best option for families with children. The descent to the water here is gentle, sandy. To swim at a depth, you have to go a few tens of meters in shallow water. This part of the Italian Mediterranean is popular with divers, yachting and fishing enthusiasts. Windsurfers rest at Cape Gargano.

The most famous resorts of the Adriatic – Rimini, Riccione, Ravena, Lido di Jesolo. The town of Milano Marittima is gaining popularity. All beaches are filled with vacationers from late May to early October.

If we compare the Ionian and other seas washing Italy, then this is the deepest. It contains the Abyss of Calypso – the deepest point of the Mediterranean Sea. In summer, the upper layers warm up to +25 ° С, in winter they cool down to + 14 ° С.

The southeast coast is an excellent choice for a budget holiday. Prices for accommodation here are lower than in other resorts in Italy. The beaches are clean, many are awarded the Blue Flag. It will appeal to those who love peace and solitude. Vacation packages to Borgata Marina, Rocca Imperial, Trebisaccce are popular. There are few Russian-speaking tourists here; the majority of vacationers are residents of Western Europe. In May, you can already swim, a comfortable temperature remains until October.

The sea, washing the southwestern coast of Italy, the west and north of Sicily, calm, with small waves. There are no strong tides, and landscapes along its shores are considered the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Riviera di Ulisse with sand dunes, small bays and picturesque mountains is a favorite place for young people and couples with children. Well-developed tourist infrastructure in Terracina, Maratea, on about. Capri. At the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is best to relax in the summer and early fall, when it is warmed up to + 24-25 ° С.

The Mediterranean Sea is in contact only with the southwestern part of Sicily. The resort areas of Marsala, Trapani, Erice, Selinunte are located on a small territory of the island, where the beach season lasts from May to October.

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