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5 world monuments, the mysteries of which have not yet been solved
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5 world monuments, the mysteries of which have not yet been solved

Nowadays, it seems that the modern world is more than ever open to study. Space exploration, functional gadgets and 3D technology – we have proven that we can do everything. It is difficult to imagine how our ancestors lived on Earth before technological progress.

Although mankind has stepped far forward, many secrets of the ancient world are still beyond our reach. The majestic Stonehenge, the ancient Mayan settlement, the pompous Peter, the grand Terracotta army, the silent “inhabitants” of Easter Island – who and how created these legends, scientists find out to this day. We will tell you about the most impressive places, the appearance of which is attributed to an extraterrestrial character.

Stonehenge Monolith Observatory (UK)
Around the megalithic structure there are many speculations in the circles of researchers. At different times, the creation of the observatory was attributed either to the wizard Merlin, or to the ancient Romans, and some modern scholars believe that Stonehenge is the shrine of the Druids. According to the latest data, Stonehenge is a little younger than the pyramids in Egypt by age. Presumably it was built four thousand years ago.

Located in Wiltshire County, the building consists of 82 blocks of stone. The design is not afraid of seismic activity due to platforms that were invented to cushion tremors.

Whoever came up with the idea of ​​erecting an observatory from the boulders is still not clear how the stones, each of which weighs 5 tons, were transferred here from the Karn Goedog quarry, located 250 kilometers away.

The Lost Mayan City of Tikal (Guatemala)
Tikal is an acropolis of the ancient Mayan tribe with an area of ​​1600 hectares. In its territory, lost in the jungle, there are palaces, living quarters, fields for games and ponds, created artificially. I am especially impressive in the ancient city of the construction, similar to the pyramids. According to scientists, these stone houses served as scientific centers, cemeteries, ceremonial places, and the city itself for a long time served as the capital of the Mutul kingdom.

Today in Tikal there are 6 large pyramidal temples, the royal palace, several residences and stone steles. Until our time there were no assumptions about the origin of the word “tikal”. The ancient settlement received a second name – City of Voices, which is explained by the fact that even a whisper here is given a thunderous echo.

Nowadays, the city of Tikal is considered part of the national park and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mysteries of Petra hidden in the rock (Jordan)
Among the red sandstones in the middle of the desert is the ancient city of Petra, carved directly into the rock. According to the assumptions of archaeologists, the city was built by the Nabataeans – the ancient people of Jordan.

Getting to the city to an unknowing tourist is not so simple. Petra is hidden in the narrow canyon of Sik, and from east to west the path to the city is blocked by cliffs. You can enter the city territory by overcoming narrow gorges in the south or in the north – and the amazing facade of Al Khazneh will open to your eyes.

Al-Khazneh Temple was built as the tomb of King Aref IV Philopath. It is unclear what technologies were used by the Nabataeans, but only experienced carvers can carve out a gigantic facade with columns 40 meters high in rock. One can only guess what difficulties the creators encountered, because in those days there were no materials for building weights. Perhaps they had to go down the cliff on the ropes.

If you want to see more attractions, you should plan a trip to Jordan with detailed itineraries to find out all about this amazing country.

Terracotta Army Frozen in Time (China)
The famous Chinese mausoleum of Qin Shihuandi stores on its territory 8,099 clay statues of warriors and horses. The tomb was named after the first emperor of China. Since the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom believed in the afterlife, they buried their ruler with the whole army, servants and concubines, so that he would be surrounded by subjects in the new world.

According to rough estimates, the terracotta army was created by sculptors in the 200s BC. Unlike each other, the soldiers, as well as their horses, are made in full size and honed to the smallest detail. It seems that the call to battle is about to sound, and the army wakes up from a dream, rushing into battle. Today, all clay statues are kept in crypts near the burial place of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Excavations in the museum began relatively recently – in the 1970s. They are carried out with special care to avoid damage and for another more mysterious reason. According to legend, on the last journey, Qin Shihuandi must be accompanied by flows of mercury hidden underground.

Earlier we wrote about the 5 least known wonders of the ancient world.

Mysterious Easter Island Statues (Chile)
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