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What to do in the rain in Pattaya?

When planning a vacation in Thailand, you should be prepared for its changeable weather, especially if you are going on a trip in the summer months or early autumn – the period when the most rainfall occurs throughout the country. Of all resorts, the most comfortable climate in Pattaya is why it is so popular among vacationers. The rainy season in Pattaya lasts for months from May to the end of October.

Last September, there are often last minute packages at low prices, and many tourists go on vacation to discover this amazing country. And they succeed, because the rains here, though torrential, are short-lived. Of course, you cannot rest on the beach, but you do not need to sit out at the hotel either. We offer several options for what to do in the rain in Pattaya.

Discover Thailand’s culinary traditions
Thai cuisine combines fresh exotic foods, aromatic herbs and spicy spices. Pattaya has many colorful cafes and cozy restaurants where you can try traditional dishes:

Tom Yam is a spicy soup that is cooked in chicken broth or coconut milk with shrimp, vegetables and seasonings. It is often presented in the menu of Ukrainian institutions, but the real taste is revealed only in its homeland.
Pad Thai is rice noodles fried with shrimp, nuts, tofu and bean seedlings. Before serving, fill the dish with an egg and fry again.
Kung Massaman – beef with potato garnish. The highlight of the dish is sweet curry paste.

Thais prefer very spicy food, so when ordering, be sure to ask the waiter to add less seasoning.

Go for real relaxation
In Pattaya there are many not only restaurants, but also spas. Many hotels even offer them a free shuttle service. Here you can relax with a massage – with aroma oils, hot stones, herbal bags. Be sure to visit the traditional Thai massage, which is done using secret Oriental techniques.

You can also take advantage of the package offer and undergo facial and body skin care procedures. After visiting the spa, you will feel rested and relaxed.

Buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones
The best idea of ​​what to do in Pattaya in the rain is to go shopping. In good weather, the beach seems more attractive than shopping centers, but on a cloudy day you can allow yourself plenty of shopping. Jewels, leather goods, natural cosmetics, and exotic fruits are brought from Thailand.

Become a spectator of an exciting evening show
Like all popular resorts, Pattaya pleases tourists with a large selection of entertainment programs. Here are a few noteworthy shows:

Tiffany is a cabaret popular since the 1970s. Artists perform folk dances of different countries, parody famous works of art, show humorous scenes.
Alcazar is another show in which men dressed as women take part. But it’s hard to believe, they are so beautifully dressed and gracefully moving. Theater performances with modern lighting effects captivate the audience from the first minutes.
KAAN is an animated circus performance in which professional actors, wrestlers and gymnasts participate. Viewers are offered 6 amazing stories from Asian mythology. Luxurious costumes, dangerous stunts, mechanical robots and modern computer effects make the performance large-scale and impressive.

Visit exhibitions and museums
Another option where to go in Pattaya when it rains is museums. But not ordinary, dedicated to the history and culture of the country, but modern. For example, in the gallery of Hello Van Gogh you can not only get to know more closely the work of Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and other artists, but also “plunge” into the world of painting. Thanks to the light and sound projections, optical effects, the canvases of the impressionists seem to “come to life”.

The Ripley’s Museum is located on the upper floors of the Royal Garden Plaza. Here are more than 300 unusual exhibits. Among them are a full-length tyrannosaurus rex, a wax bust of a person with the longest nose in the world, a mini-cooper tuned by a huge number of Swarovski crystals and many other installations.

Noteworthy is the Underwater World Pattaya Aquarium, where you can look at the unique inhabitants of the underwater world, and even touch them. The building is equipped with a 100-meter glass tunnel, finding yourself in which you feel like another resident of the ocean.

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