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Best Phuket Night Clubs

Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations, which many associate with untouched nature, snow-white beaches and exotic cuisine. However, the country’s famous resorts offer entertainment for every taste, including incendiary parties and Phuket is no exception. Noisy discos and vibrant shows at local nightclubs are popular with nightlife enthusiasts.

Phuket Island Where to have some fun?
Phuket is a resort that allows you to enjoy luxurious beaches during the day and “light up” at discos in the evening. Mostly nightclubs in Phuket are located in the Patong area, on the famous pedestrianized Bangla street. As night falls, neon signs at the entrance to restaurants, souvenir shops, bars and discos attract tourists. Here you can not only have fun, but just walk, watching the performances in the open air and buying local fast food.

Many beach clubs in Phuket are not too different from European or American institutions. If you want to listen to the performances of local music groups and feel the atmosphere of real Thailand, visit one of the institutions of Phuket Town. For example, Sofa and Kor Tor Mor deserve attention. They are more Thais oriented and close at 2 in the morning.

We made a selection, which, according to tourists, included the best night clubs in Phuket.

Sugar club phuket
The club is dedicated to Hip Hop and R&B music. On the territory of the institution with an area of ​​350 square meters. m. there is a bar, several dance floors, zones for vip-clients. There is also a scene where world-class stars often perform. For example, Lead, Rae Sremmurd, Baby Yu and many others.

Seduction nightclub
Seduction Nightclub is part of the three-story entertainment complex Seduction Complex. On the ground floor, visitors can sit at the bar for a delicious cocktail. However, the brightest parties take place on the second floor, where the main dance floor and DJ console are located. Lovers of house, trance and disco music come here. If you want to enjoy tracks from European DJs, visit the club on Saturday and fun foam parties are held at Seduction Nightclub on Wednesdays.

Seduction Nightclub is open from 22:00 to 04:00. Admission is free, but each visitor must order drinks at the bar.

White Room Nightclub
If you are looking for a good club in Phuket with stylish hall design and a high level of service, check out the White Room. The interior of the institution is designed in white, so the light shows look very spectacular. People come here to dance to house, R&B and dance-pop songs. In addition to the dance floor, the club can spend time with a cocktail at the bar.

Entrance to the White Room is free. The institution operates from 22:00 to 03:00.

Another popular club on Bangla Road. Already at the entrance it is clear that the institution cares about the safety of visitors. Security checks guests’ bags for sharp-cutting objects, food and drinks. The club consists of two halls. In the first, dancers perform, the second is an ordinary disco.

The main “chip” of the institution is prize draws. For example, here you can become the owner of a TV, a free tour or bike. Also during the evening, Hollywood employees often throw small souvenirs on the dance floor – caps, t-shirts, balls. Who caught, he receives a gift.

Entrance to the club is free if you buy at least one drink at the bar.

The hole
A small but cozy bar, which is chosen by many tourists. Here you can not only skip a glass with friends, but also eat inexpensively or play a game of billiards. Large televisions featuring sporting events and music videos create a laid-back atmosphere at The Hole.

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