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How to relax cheaply in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most modern, wealthy and promising cities of the East. Regularly celebrities come here to rest here regularly. In addition to first-class service, in the largest city of the UAE, guests find incredible in its scope, ultra-modern architecture.

Despite the frank chic of Dubai, you can really have a great time here even having a small budget. Our helpful recommendations will help you relax comfortably and economically.

Favorable purchase of tours
So, how cheap is it to relax in Dubai? It is most advantageous to go to the city of Arab sheikhs and luxury, having previously bought a ticket for an early booking promotion, which allows you to save up to 30%. However, in this case, it is worth starting to plan a visit to the Emirates six months before the vacation. For example, if you want to celebrate New Year in Dubai, consider offers at the very beginning of summer or earlier. Another option for a budget trip is last-minute tours, the conditions for the acquisition of which are radically opposite to the early booking service. “Catch” advantageous offers a week before the appointed travel date, and if you are lucky, you will be able to relax half as much as the standard cost of the trip.

Mandatory expense item
First of all, it is worth considering the local tropical type of climate, which implies hot weather almost all year round. The air temperature in the summer months ranges from 39-47 ° C. The spring-autumn period will be more comfortable – the thermometer column drops to + 32 ° C. In hot climates, it is recommended that you drink at least 3 liters of fluid per day. A bottle of plain water of 0.5 l, on average, costs 2 dirhams, that is, about 0.50 USD. For drinks, it is better to allocate a certain amount in advance.

In Dubai hotels, as a rule, only breakfast is included in the price. All-inclusive meals are found only in expensive five-star hotels. How can you relax cheaply in Dubai, and at the same time get to know the local culinary traditions? In the metropolis there are many small cafes aimed at local residents. Here you can taste the traditional dishes of the United Arab Emirates and other eastern countries, and at the same time experience the true flavor of the Asian country. In addition, the city is widely represented by such well-known fast food chains as McDonald’s, KFC and others.

For a snack, you can safely go to supermarkets. A huge selection of products and affordable prices are offered by Union Coop, Carrefour, Geant Hypermarket.

What to see?
We tell you where it is cheap to relax in Dubai, if the purpose of your trip is primarily an excursion vacation:

Burj Khalifa (take memorable photos against the background of the tallest building in the world and take a walk through the shopping centers located inside);
Dubai Mall;
Jumeirah Mosque (visit free tours in English, which are held at 10:00 daily, except Friday);
The picturesque bay of Dubai Creek;
The historic district of Bastakia;
Ras al-Khor Nature Reserve (huge park, wintering place for migratory birds).

Dubai is a huge city and to get around at least the central areas on foot, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Budget holidays in Dubai with fast and comfortable movement around the city will provide a taxi. Traveling with this type of transport, even at impressive distances, will not hit your pocket. Average tariff: 1.75 dirham (0.27 USD) per kilometer. It is most convenient to order a taxi through the mobile applications Uber and Karim. Do not be surprised if the service gives you a Lexus. Here it is in the order of things.

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