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LEGOLAND Dubai guide

The UAE is one of the richest and most developed countries in the world, and therefore it is not surprising that tens of thousands of tourists come here every year. Among all the emirates, Dubai, a luxury metropolis with the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, an artificial ski resort, and Legoland, a huge amusement park dedicated to the constructor of Lego, are especially popular.

Legoland Dubai – the best theme park for children in the UAE
Legoland is a delight in children, but adults do not remain indifferent. After all, which of us in childhood did not like to assemble cars, houses and entire cities from colorful figures?

The park is divided into several thematic sections with attractions, a zone with water slides is separately equipped. Entrance to the water park is paid separately, however, at the ticket office you can visit the entire territory. By the way, the cost of a ticket to Legoland in Dubai will be more profitable. Children under 3 years old admission is free.

We tell in more detail about each of the zones.

Acquaintance with Legoland begins with the factory where the designer is made. Visitors are invited to see how all the details are created. Every half hour there is an informative tour. Children can take part in the manufacture of LEGO, after which they will receive a souvenir as a gift. You can buy designer kits for memory, and it’s cheaper than in ordinary toy stores.

In the adventure zone are unusual and exciting rides. What is there a deep pool, to the bottom of which you can dive on a submarine with portholes. It will be interesting for young visitors and their parents to watch the marine life swimming among the compositions built under water from Lego.

Also, young dreamers will gladly take part in the pursuit with laser pistols, look for treasures, explore ancient ruins.

The kingdom zone allows you to travel back to the Middle Ages and present you as a real knight! Children will be given costumes and offered to save the princess from the dragon. On the way you will have to face obstacles, unravel the spell of the wizard Merlin, attack the castle.

The park’s most extreme attraction, Dragon’s Apprentice, is located in Kingdoms. This is a roller coaster, 6 meters high and with a speed of about 60 km / h.

Miniland is an interactive recreation area in the center of the park. It is equipped indoors with air conditioning, so you can wait out the heat of the day, regain your strength before visiting other parts of the complex and at the same time familiarize yourself with miniature versions of architectural buildings, completely assembled from Lego elements. Among them are Burj Khalifa, Taj Mahal, Egyptian pyramids and other famous buildings.

Lego city
Entering the territory of Lego City, you will find yourself in a real city. Not only houses and streets from the constructor were erected here, but traffic was also organized, there is a boat pier, firemen and police, and an airport. And each visitor can imagine himself a resident of this village, taking part in exciting events. For example, children will be given a driver’s license, offered to put out a burning house as part of a fire brigade, learn how to fly a plane.

Imagination is a true paradise for young lovers of robotics and innovative technologies. Children can assemble their own liner or car, conduct a test of special equipment. There will be something for the youngest guests to do as well – large designer parts from the Duplo series are provided for them.

The highlight of Imagination is the attraction “Electric Towers”. It is the highest in the park and provides an overview of the entire territory.

Legoland water park
In hot weather, there is nothing better than relaxing in a water park, and reviews of tourists confirm this. Legoland will delight you with a specially equipped territory for outdoor activities with 20 water slides of various shapes and heights, and a large pool with artificial waves. There are both closed spiral pipes and open high-speed slides with bends. Even for kids under 3 years of age, fun and safe slopes are provided. Older children will be interested in building a raft of lego parts and embarking on a sea voyage.

When planning a vacation in the UAE, it is worth knowing in advance where Legoland is located in Dubai and marking it on the map. The complex is located on Sheikh Zayed Street, between the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Ideally, a full day is worth visiting. There are many restaurants, bars and shops where you can eat and buy souvenirs. So that visitors do not think how to get to Legoland in Dubai on their own, a transfer service was organized for them. Free buses run from Ibn Battuta metro from 7:10 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

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