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Fujairah – useful resort information

Fujairah is the youngest region of the UAE and one of the most popular resorts. It is unique in that it is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, and not the Persian Gulf. Fujairah amazes with the greenery of the valleys and the grandeur of the mountains, which are so atypical for the United Arab Emirates. There is no fuss and skyscrapers, but there are wide beaches, clean ecology, historical monuments and all the conditions for a secluded holiday. Fujairah is located next to the Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman and has a brand new airport. When planning a tour in the UAE, many choose Fujairah. Today we talk about the features of this amazingly.

The region has a subtropical dry climate, milder and wetter than in other parts of the UAE. Mountains protect Fujairah from the hot desert wind. In summer, the thermometer rises in the daytime to +37 ° C, and in winter, as a rule, does not fall below + 25 ° C. Due to the influence of the ocean, in Fujairah, there are no sudden changes in temperature.

The mild weather of the winter months is good for excursions. You can not be afraid of sunburn, and the water temperature + 21 + 23 ° C is suitable for swimming. It rains occasionally, but there are practically no heavy rains.

In March and April, the temperature reaches + 28 + 33 ° C during the day and + 21 + 25 ° C at night. Water warms up to + 24 + 27 ° C. In April, the sky becomes cloudless, and you do not want to get out of the water for hours.

From May to September in Fujairah it is sultry. Thermometers show + 37 + 38 ° C and there is no rain. Water heats up to + 29 + 32 ° C, and air humidity reaches 70%. For lunch, it is better to stay at the hotel so as not to melt in the sun, like ice cream. This period is not suitable for excursions.

In the last months of autumn, the emirate is slowly “cooling down.” The temperature drops to + 30 + 33 ° C during the day and + 23 + 25 ° C at night. The water is still very warm (+ 29 + 26 ° C). In October, heat lovers come here, but the second part of November is favorable for the beach and for sightseeing. Fujairah is good for relaxing at any time of the year.

Holidays in Fujairah will definitely appeal to lovers of history, cultural monuments and nature. We have chosen the 5 most interesting places, which we will talk about.

Fujairah Fort

This ancient fortress is a visiting card of the emirate and majestically rises on a hill near the Castle Road in its northern part. The fort was built back in 1670, and it was destroyed several times. Today it consists of three buildings connected by a powerful monumental wall. The cone-shaped architectural ensemble is complemented by pyramid-shaped towers that used to serve as guard posts.

After the reconstruction, the fortress is in excellent condition, and in 1991 a museum was opened at its base, where you can see many archaeological finds that allow you to study the history of the region.

Musandam Peninsula
Large cliffs that descend to the sea resemble the Scandinavian fjords. The peninsula is full of lost bays and grottoes. Turquoise waters attract fishermen and divers. Fans of walks can wander along the mountain ranges and admire the ancient citadels and mosques.

Al Bidiya Mosque
This is the oldest mosque in the UAE and one of the oldest in the world. It is visited not only by believers, but also by travelers. The mosque was built more than 500 years ago and it is made in the unique architectural style of the Ottoman Empire. She seems to have been blinded from sand by hands. On a massive foundation of white stone rise four domes, which are supported by a central pillar.

Shark island
It is one of the favorite resorts for beach lovers and a place of pilgrimage for divers. Motley fish, lobsters, electric stingrays, sea turtles, octopuses and colored corals live in clear waters. Experienced instructors will gladly teach beginners to dive.

There is an amazing place on the island – a real car graveyard. Moray eels, barracudas, skates, sharks and strange frog fish settled in flooded cars.

Village Museum of the Traditional Population
It is located in the suburbs of Madab and was founded in 1996. Here you can see traditional residential buildings, household items and utensils as they were a couple of centuries ago. Al-Ayala folk dances and strong Arabic coffee are organized for tourists in the village.

Also, choosing tours to Fujairah, you can see here the bullfights and camel races. This is not a complete list of emirate’s interests. Fujairah is waiting for you and is ready to open all its secrets.

Despite the fact that lovers of a relaxing holiday most often come here, in Fujairah there is something to offer active tourists. Here is a list of activities for an eventful vacation:

Boat trip. Clear waters, beautiful lagoons and golden beaches will impress both children and adults.

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