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Malta: leisure and attractions

Do you want to have a good and interesting rest on the Mediterranean Sea?

Go to Malta – a beautiful flowering island, where you will always find wonderful weather, the gentle sea, amazing in its beauty nature and many interesting sights.

An excellent bonus will also be excellent diving – in summer, the average sea temperature in Malta is around +23 ° C, and in winter it never drops below +14 ° C.

Especially for those travelers who are attracted by the mysterious Maltese shores and sunny Mediterranean beaches, we have prepared a small guide to Malta – the most interesting sights and places that are worth visiting.

What to see in Malta? sights
Malta is a small country, so for a week of relaxation you can see if not everything, then a lot, so not only weekly tours are very popular among travelers, but also holidays in the “weekend tour” format.

Even in a few days of travel you will have time to get acquainted with this amazing country and get a lot of pleasant experiences!

1. Palace of the Grandmasters of the Order of Malta, La Valletta
The Palace of the Grand Master of Malta, which today houses the official residence of the president and parliament of the republic, is considered the largest secular building in the country. For tourists, only a part of the palace’s premises is open, including the Armory, the Grand Council Hall and the Ambassador’s Room, and there is also a weapons museum, which displays more than 6,000 exhibits from all over the world.

Baroque style, luxurious interior decoration, impeccably preserved interiors, intricate murals, stucco moldings, mosaics and bas-reliefs amaze the imagination and look as majestic and spectacular as several centuries ago.

2. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Mdina
St. Paul’s Catholic Cathedral is Malta’s true architectural gem. The majestic architectural complex, built at the end of the 17th century, is today one of the most popular and prestigious places for weddings, so wedding ceremonies are often held here. Many legends and interesting events are associated with the cathedral, for example, the story of a treasure discovered in the foundation of a building during the dismantling of the old foundation. The temple was badly damaged during the earthquake of 1693, and when during the repair work during the removal of the rubble they discovered a cache with gold coins, it was decided to spend the gold found on rebuilding the cathedral. Because of this treasure, between the Grand Master, whose coat of arms was minted on the coins found, and the bishop had a dispute, and as a result the cathedral was covered only in 1702.

Behind the cathedral is St. Paul’s Street, which is also called the quarter of “absolute silence” – it is here that the current Benedictine monastery is located, the nuns of which keep a vow of complete silence.

3. The Sanctuary of Hal Saflieni, Paola
The San Saflieni Sanctuary is the Hypogee, which is the only almost completely preserved megalithic underground sanctuary. Its age is about 4-5 thousand years. The total area of ​​the Hal-Saflieni underground complex is about 480 square meters, and the number of burials in the hypogee according to archaeologists is about 6 – 7 thousand.

Corridors, chambers, narrow passages carved into the rock make up a mysterious underground labyrinth, which, by the way, can only be reached by appointment – no more than 80 people are allowed to enter here a day. One of Hal Saflieni’s most interesting sights is the Oracle Room, the acoustics in which carries every word uttered in a low male voice throughout the hypogee, while any other sounds remain inaudible outside the room.

4. Mdina
The ancient city of Mdina has about 4000 years of history, and for many centuries it had a special status and privileges, which left its mark on the image of the city, in which the most notable and influential families lived. Citta Notabile (Aristocrat City) is still striking in its grandeur, ancient architectural ensembles of palaces, churches and cathedrals are perfectly preserved here, and quiet cozy streets are always calm and serene. In Mdina, which is also called the “city of silence”, the number of cars entering is limited, which allows you to maintain the amazing atmosphere, beauty and grandeur of the ancient city.

Among the sights of Mdina, it is worth paying attention to the famous Main Gate of Mdina, the palace of St. Sophia, the palace of Vilen, the Cathedral of St. Paul, the Norman House, the dungeon and the palace of the Archbishop. By the way, many scenes of the popular series “Game of Thrones” were shot in Mdina.

5. Tarshien
Another megalithic temple complex of Malta, which dates from about 2800 BC. e, located on the territory of the small Maltese town of Tarxien – Tarxien temples. The Tarshien complex consists of six unique stone temples, which in ancient times were used for various rituals, sacrifices and burials.

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