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How and what to save on travel?

Any trip in almost any direction can be both expensive and very cheap. So, what needs to be done to significantly reduce the budget of any trip. Tips from the experienced traveler Elena Al Amin.

Choose a time.

If you are not a teacher or teacher, whose vacation most often falls on the highest season – summer, then plan trips abroad at this time. In April or September-October, rest in Europe is cheaper and fewer tourist crowds. By the way, in the fall in the Mediterranean countries it is still quite warm, but not hot anymore and, as a rule, you can calmly swim.

For Asia, the high season is just winter, so October-November or February-March will be the best choice.

Well, if you can only relax in the summer, then just in June-August the low season is in Thailand, the Philippines and Bali. In this “off season” it is quite comfortable to relax here.

Save on housing.

It is best, of course, to live for free, that is, for nothing, with friends or relatives who have decided, for your joy, to settle abroad. Another not free, but economical option is a hostel. And do not recall the sensational horror film: there is nothing so terrible. This type of accommodation is ideal for young people. Not much more expensive than a hostel is a boarding house (the same hotel, but amenities on the floor) or a 2 star hotel, however, much depends on the city and country. Housing in the capital, as you might guess, is more expensive than in the provinces. Some countries have lower prices – the Czech Republic, for example, is much cheaper than France, and Portugal cheaper than Germany. But look at the location of the hotel – sometimes cheap hotels are far from attractions, so having benefited from housing, you have to shell out for travel.

Buy cheap flights.

Keep track of sales and airline promotions – sign up for their newsletter and you will always be in the know. For example, AirBerlin always holds a Christmas sale in December. From the first days of the month until December 25, every day (but only one day!) Sells tickets in a certain direction (informing in advance that it will be sold in the next two days). With this promotion, you can buy two tickets for the price of one – that’s how we went in April, spending only 5,700 rubles on flights for 3 flights (Moscow-Vienna-Paris, Munich-Moscow).

Take friends with you.

Friends – they will always come in handy. Firstly, renting a hotel room for 3-4 people, a house or an apartment is much cheaper. In some countries, you can save by traveling together on a train. For example, in Germany there are group tickets – you can travel on them for one or two of the weekends as many as five (at the price of one ticket, without limitation). Well, and, in the end, traveling with friends is simply much safer, more interesting and more fun!

Food and excursions.

Do not fall for any gastronomic excursions (with a tasting on a boat or going to a restaurant after visiting the castle). You can take a separate ride on a river bus and eat separately in a restaurant – it will cost much cheaper.

Entrance tickets to two nearby tourist sites are often sold at a discount of up to 50%. Museum cards are often offered at great discounts. And on some days, admission to museums is completely free. This information can be found on the Internet, guidebooks or at the reception at the hotel.

In Asian hotels, breakfast is always included in the room rate, but in European hotels, for a separate (and not very small) fee. Therefore, if you are traveling to a European voyage, take a boiler with you and enjoy wonderful breakfasts right in your hotel room (saving 6-15 euros per person!). And food from European supermarkets is much cheaper than a meal in a restaurant once.


Roaming is a terribly expensive thing. Look at the offers of your operator for saving tariffs (often a discount of up to 50% is offered for a monthly fee). Before leaving, be sure to find out whether it will be more profitable to connect to a local operator for the duration of the trip. Or buy a tourist sim card such as Goodline, Globalsim. Calls from 160 countries will cost you several times less than with a Russian number. Moreover, tourist sims live an unlimited amount of time, it is not necessary to call from them once every six months to avoid blocking. And they are easy to replenish directly from the Internet, or by asking friends in Russia to throw you money from the payment terminal.

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