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Pantry health

The mountains. What could be more picturesque than these are huge “giants”. And the most beautiful mountains are located in Kislovodsk.

The Stavropol Territory is famous not only for its nature, but also for its mineral waters.

I advise people suffering from stomach pain and other diseases to go to this resort city. He is not big. But you can walk on it endlessly.

The station there is located in the center. Therefore, having arrived there, you can quickly get to the place of settlement.

You can live there either in a sanatorium or rent an apartment. Those wishing to receive treatment, in addition to mineral water, it is better to buy a ticket to the sanatorium in advance. And for fans just to walk and drink mineral water it will be more profitable to rent just an apartment. But in any case, you will not be left without housing, because as soon as you get off the train, they will immediately offer you housing.

One of the most expensive sanatoriums in Kislovodsk is Zarya, where the president himself is resting. But seeing him immediately you can understand why. Its rooms offer wonderful views of the park and its forest inhabitants.

I will share my opinion about some of the sanatoriums that I visited myself.

Sanatorium “Rodnik” was in it about 10 years ago, but it made a terrible impression on me. The rooms are small, beds with protruding springs. It was far from the center, but in the park.

Sanatorium “Semashko” I liked. Located near the station. You can quickly and easily get to the bazaar and there are many minibuses.

Sanatorium “Centrosoyuz”. A place of rest for those who have no problems with their legs. After all, this sanatorium is at a high altitude, and to get to it you need to climb about 9 floors. But when you go down the stairs from the sanatorium, you immediately get to the center of the park.

If you still decide to just rent an apartment, then in the very center there are many dining rooms and of course cafes. I advise everyone to visit the Grocery Store. There is a huge selection of different cakes. Everyone will be happy.

Being in Kislovodsk, you can not visit Dombay. Going there you need to warm up. They certainly say that, “it’s warm, just take your jacket.” Don’t believe that. Dress warmly. And take your sunglasses with you. You will not regret.

You can also go to the “Honey Falls”, horseback riding, to stalactite caves, the castle of “Cunning and Love”, etc. Wherever you go, so you do not visit, all this will leave a lot of good impressions and vivid photos.

But the main attraction of Kislovodsk is the park and the Narzan gallery. Walking in the park you can not meet squirrels. You can feed them, but it’s better not to touch them. They are wild and very bite.

In the Narzan Gallery you can enjoy a variety of natural mineral water for free: cold, warm or dolomite narzan.

In the opposite direction from the park there is a market. There you can cheaply buy knitted woolen things. Not for 200 rubles a pair of socks, but for 50-70. Vegetables and fruits are there as well as ours. On the way to the market you will find a wine shop, where you can taste wine and brandy before you buy.

If you want to take a break from your home routine, improve your health and just take a break, then Kislovodsk is for you.

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