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How not to be disappointed in rest: where you should not come twice

Recent years have seen interesting changes in tourism. We will not hide that globally the number of tourists visiting different countries only grows from year to year. As a result, many popular tourist destinations last year became so “popular” that the lines to museums broke all records. It is not surprising that these same cities are becoming tiring for tourists, and for local residents almost unbearable.

What do responsible tourists all over the world do? They are looking for new interesting directions. Plan your vacation in advance and choose new routes. What can you advise experienced Ukrainian tourists? Do not stop at world-famous must-see destinations if you have already seen them. And choose the right time to visit a particular place. And, of course, read the article to the end! We will tell you where the second time it’s not fashionable to go on vacation. And which places are better to choose instead.

Barcelona, ​​Spain
The Catalan capital in 2016 was visited by 34 million tourists from around the world. This is 25% more than in 2012. The massive flow of tourists caused discontent among local residents, and “anti-tourist” graffiti began to appear on the walls. And in August 2017, local residents even came out to protest against the tourist influx in Barcelona Mala (quarter of the Old Town).

Even giants such as Airbnb have been protested by local residents. And as a result, the authorities were forced to introduce some tourist restrictions (for example, it is forbidden to build hotels in the city center, the property tax, which is being leased for a long time, has been increased).

If you are still going to visit Barcelona again …
Do not forget that Barcelona is not only the pedestrian Rambla in the center. There are many more cool places! In general, you can rent a bike and ride around the area.

Why not visit Valencia, whose cuisine and culture are not inferior to Barcelona?

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Do you know that UNESCO is threatening to deprive Dubrovnik of the status of a cultural monument of world significance? And all because of the glut of tourists. And the city authorities decided to reduce the tourist flow.

The mayor plans to limit the number of cruise ships arriving at the ancient port. About 800,000 people disembarked from the cruise liners in 2016, although they did not stay on the shore for more than 5 hours.

If you really need to go to Dubrovnik …
Choose a trip at the beginning of the season, when there is still no such excitement.

Visit the city of Cavtat, which is southeast of Dubrovnik. There is a picturesque old town and excellent beaches where you do not need to take a place in the evening.

Venice, Italy
In 2017, the inhabitants of Venice took to the streets to protest in connection with the ongoing flow of tourists into the city. For example, there are so many tourists on the legendary Rialto Bridge that often they simply injure themselves with selfie sticks.

Venice is visited annually by 30 million tourists. In this regard, the local population is constantly decreasing. Now the city has only 55 thousand local residents. And the authorities are taking serious measures to curb the tourist flow to Venice (for example, to prohibit cruise liners from sailing through the Judecca Canal).

If you don’t have strength, how do you want to visit Venice again …
Do not take a selfie stick with you and explore the backyards of the city. And do not eat in cafes and restaurants near busy tourist spots.

The city of Annecy in southeast France will surprise you with quaint canals, cobbled streets and incredible historical architecture.

Santorini, Greece
Yes, Santorini has few competitors. Because there are only a few places in the world where the sunsets are just as amazing. But everyone knows about it! Therefore, almost 2 million people visited Santorini in 2017. 850,000 of them sailed on cruise ships and stayed on the island for up to a day. The mayor of the island takes all measures to control the flow of tourists to the island. But due to the wild popularity of Santorini, it may lose its charm.

If you have already been tempted by an early booking tour in Santorini …
Take hotels with breakfast only, and go to local restaurants for lunch and dinner away from the beaches. And don’t settle for dubious donkey rides!

Visit the island of Naxos, which is located within the same group of islands as Santorini. There are beautiful and spacious beaches, surrounded by picturesque hills. Or head to Patmos Island, in the southeast of the Aegean Sea. He is also a worthy alternative to Santorini.

Agra, India
Go to Agra to see, first of all, the Taj Mahal. But we will be honest – in the cities of India there is no way to find a calm, secluded place. And the Taj Mahal is visited by 8 million people a year. Of these, half are foreign tourists.

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