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TOP 5 most popular holiday destinations in 2017

The editors of The Telegraph English edition analyzed the search queries of tourists around the world and compiled a list of the most desirable destinations for holidays in 2017. From charming Chile to passionate Spain, beautiful Canada and the fabulous beaches of Bermuda, experts have chosen the 5 best places that are worth a visit.

The information that we will share today will be an excellent occasion to buy a last-minute tour and turn your vacation into an entertaining adventure. We are interested in what you choose: a paradise for absolute relaxation or an active, informative and sometimes extreme pastime.

Granada, Spain
When planning tours to Spain, take a few days to explore the sights of this city. The palaces and gardens of the Alhambra, created during the reign of the Nasrid dynasty, with each visit seem more and more interesting. The number of secrets hidden in this architectural and park ensemble is truly endless.

Granada is full of little things and it is impossible not to fall in love with her. At first glance, bright flowers fall over the white walls of the houses, delicious tapas in noisy bars and tiled fountains that adorn small squares.

Winter lovers will appreciate the Sierra Nevada ski resort, located 47 km from the airport. Until April, snow lies here. In May, it is worth visiting the mountainous region of Alpujarras (Andalusia region). You will enjoy walking along the slopes, decorated with lush greenery.

Last year, South American fans flocked to Brazil in flocks. Today, the palm has passed to Chile. This country slowly and methodically won the hearts of adventure tourism lovers and last year received the long-awaited World Travel Awards.

There are 36 national parks in Chile, some of which are located in the most extreme conditions – from deserts to fjords and polar islands. The variety of ecosystems and landscapes of this region is amazing. According to legend, when God finished creating miracles on the planet, he noticed that there were valleys, glaciers, rivers, lakes, deserts, mountains, forests and hills that were not useful to him. He gathered all these objects together and threw them into one of the most remote corners of the planet. So, the longest country in the world was born – Chile.

For delicious dishes, comfortable hotels and excellent service, you should go to the capital. Wine tourism is most developed in the Napa Valley, especially after the opening of the brand new Casa Bouchon boutique hotel in Maule. Extreme will offer the sultry Atacama desert and Patagonia.

Celebrating the 150th birthday of the Canadian Confederation will turn 2017 into a long and eventful party. Although Canada already attracted tourists with the scenery of the Rocky Mountains and deserts, the labyrinths of islands and fjords, as well as enclaves of vines and raspberries of the Okanagan Valley.

If you want to take a great trip, take the Icefields Parkway through the heart of the Rocky Mountains or along Alaska Highway towards the Yukon to see the old gold-bearing sites of Klondike. Train lovers will love the epic Trans-Canada route or the shorter but equally exciting rides between Jasper and Prince Rupert and the tundra from Winnipeg to Churchill. When you admire the landscape, visit cozy Vancouver, vibrant Montreal, vibrant Toronto and the mysterious Quebec.

Bermuda is known for its pink beaches, deep sea fishing and golf on ideal lawns. Life here seems measured and even sleepy. But in June, the islands will cheer up because of the grand regatta – the 35th America’s Cup. The base for the race is located at the Royal Naval Shipyard, just north of the Great Sound Bay. Against the background of these beaches, the main events of the race will unfold.

Be sure to visit the city of Hamilton. Its harbor is filled with snow-white yachts and a must to visit. And take a walk along the streets of the town of St. George, which is similar to the set of a historical film and is included in the UNESCO List.

Lech, Austria
Austrian Lech always attracted the rich and famous, among whom were Princess Diana, the Dutch royal family and Princess of Monaco. This city with its wooden cottages, a winding river and an ancient domed church is a true embodiment of alpine charm.

200 meters above the city is the tiny village of Oberlech, connected with it by elevator. Oberlech is a unique resort where there is no transport at all. In order not to spoil the village idyll, tourists luggage is delivered to hotels using specially dug tunnels. In the same way, garbage is taken out and the rest of the “transportation” cases are cranked up. Lech Oberlech is a famous ski resort with a special atmosphere. The season lasts from December to May.

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