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Cyprus: Seas of Cyprus

Cyprus is located off the coast of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon in the Mediterranean basin. Also, in the information sources the “Cyprus Sea” is often found, and this is not another name for the Mediterranean, but its integral part. So how many seas does Cyprus actually wash?

The Mediterranean Sea is so large that it will not be entirely correct to describe its features and climatic conditions in general. Scientists have identified 11 separate water areas, four of them are located around Cyprus. And the answer to the question “what sea is the island of Cyprus” is one: in the Mediterranean, only surrounded by its different parts.

Cyprus in the south;
Levantine in the east;
Cilician in the northeast;
Mediterranean in the west.
The Mediterranean waters off the coast of Cyprus are warm and calm. The swimming season lasts from June to October, at this time there are practically no high waves. The water temperature in June and October is + 23-24 ° С, at the height of summer the thermometer rises to + 26 ° С.

If you want to know which sea in Cyprus is the most “fashionable”, then this is the Mediterranean. On its coast is Paphos – the island’s elite resort. However, if you are choosing a place to stay with children – this is not the best option. Infrastructure for young tourists, both on the promenade and in most hotels, is poorly developed. But there are many romantic places, because Paphos is often chosen by the newlyweds for their honeymoon.

In the northwestern part of Cyprus, the not so famous, but also attractive town of Polis is located. There are not many options for relaxation besides the beach: yachting, horseback riding and hiking, so lovers of noisy fun bypass it. But families with kids will definitely enjoy their vacation.

The important thing is not what sea the island of Cyprus is washed by, but the advantages that tourists receive when choosing a particular part of the coast. Features of the Cyprus basin – the warmest and saltiest water in the Mediterranean. The reservoir warms up to +27 ° C in the summer and cools to +18 ° C in the winter and is the warmest in comparison with other seas washing Cyprus.

Due to the high salt content, the underwater world near the coast is not as diverse as in other water areas. Not far from the land there is a coral reef, near which there are sunken ships. There go divers resting in Limassol.

Limassol resort will be interesting to all categories of travelers. Ignorance of Greek or English will not be an obstacle, as many hotels have Russian-speaking staff. For peace and quiet, you should go to the tourist village of Pissouri. On the border of the Cyprus and Levantine Seas is the budget resort of Larnaca.

Tourists are often interested in what kind of seas washed Cyprus from Africa. Levantine water stretches east of Larnaca, past Ayia Napa and Protaras. In Ayia Napa is the famous beach of Cyprus – Nissi Beach. In the evening, loud music sounds, open-air discos are organized and the fun continues until dawn.

Protaras is quieter. It is comfortable for families and youth to relax. In search of noisy adventures, you can go to Ayia Napa, separated from Protaras by Cape Greco.

To the question “what sea is Cyprus”, the Turks answer: “In Cilicia”. In the north of the island in ancient times was the Armenian state of Cilicia. Now this part of the land is captured by Turkey, but the world community does not recognize the annexation and considers the territory to be Greek. Due to the controversial affiliation, the northern lands are not popular among tourists, there are no known resorts.

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Cyprus: Seas of Cyprus
Cyprus is located off the coast of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon in the Mediterranean basin. Also, in the information sources the “Cyprus Sea” is often found, and this is not…


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