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Novelties of the NOVOSTAR hotel chain in Tunisia

Since 2013, NOVOSTAR has been the guarantor of quality in Tunisia. Novostar Management Company is a company managing hotel complexes in the country, today it presents 7 hotels in which a unique author’s concept of relaxation for Russian-speaking guests is implemented.

Currently in the network are: Club Novostar Dar Khayam, Club Novostar Omar Khayam, Club Novostar Sol Azur Beach Congress, Novostar Premium Bel Azur Thalassa, Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa, Novostar Nahrawess Thalasso & Waterpark Resort, Club Novostar Les Colombes.

The NOVOSTAR family has replenished! Two hotels in Hammamet have been added to the list and are ready to receive guests in the best traditions of NOVOSTAR hospitality.

Novostar Hotels, the Novostar Nahrawess Thalasso & Waterpark Resort, became part of the chain in February 2018. All reviews dated 2017 and earlier relate to the account of the previous management. In the new season, the Novostar team brought a number of positive changes to the previous concept, quality and service at the hotel.
Important information for younger guests: There is a dedicated Swedish line for children and a children’s dining area. Ice cream is available for both lunch and dinner.

Novelty Novostar Hotels – Club Novostar Les Colombes Hotel – a beach hotel ideal for sports gatherings, amateur competitions and team building. Guests have at their disposal a 28m x 15m swimming pool with 4 tracks, 2 stationary basketball courts, 2 stationary beach volleyball courts, 9 tennis courts, and a professional artificial football field. In the evening, all areas are lit.

One of the most popular hotels of the 2017 season, Novostar Royal Azur Thalasso Golf, has closed for renovation, we are expecting a full renovation of the hotel in the next season of 2019.

For regular guests there is a loyalty program “LEAGUE NOVOSTAR”. Tourists visiting the hotel chain for the third time can qualify for compliments from the hotel.

Another of the network’s useful innovations this season: the CALL center is launched for travel agents. The Russian-speaking representative of NOVOSTAR, while in Tunisia, will be able to provide comprehensive information on current issues. You can contact via Viber and WhatsApp, the phone number is classified as secret for tourists, but it is known to agents who attended the seminars of the tour operator OASIS travel Ukraine.

The hotels that are included in the NOVOSTAR have already positively established themselves in the market. For Ukrainian tourists, hotels are available for booking with the OASIS travel Ukraine tour operator. The tour operator represents this network in Ukraine on exclusive rights.

It would seem that in Tunisia it is quite difficult to find a place where the menu will have such an item as “alcohol”. But if you wander through the streets of the city, you can easily find interesting bars with authentic drinks, dancing and smoking a hookah.

Les jardins du boeuf
In this vibrant place, various concerts of popular music groups and interesting parties are regularly held, to which famous DJs are invited. Surrounded by Tunisian youth, you can feel closer to the local culture. This place is ideal to get a charge of positive emotions and dance after drinking a couple of cocktails.

Address: 3 Avenue Fatouma Bourguiba, La Soukra, Tunis, Tunisia

Le Boeuf sur le Toit.jpg

The cubana cafe
For fans of salsa, mojito and Latin music, the Cubana Cafe is perfect. Here you can taste the most delicious quesadilla in the city, and in the evenings this place turns into a lively dance floor filled with salsa lovers. Thanks to the portrait of Che Guevara on the wall, colorful embroidered pillows and Havana-style walls, this bar has become a small piece of Cuba.

Address: 3 Passage du Lac Edward, Les Berges Du Lac, Tunis, Tunisia

Le carpe diem
On the outskirts of Tunisia, you can find a small institution that has the spirit of university parties. Here every weekend local students gather to take a break from the school week, eat sushi and count the stars. Le Carpe Diem has an industrial-style interior where DJs sometimes perform.

Address: La Marsa Soukra, Tunis, Tunisia

For lovers of gastrotourism more information is here!

Brooklyn cafe
Feel yourself in the heart of the Big Apple by visiting Brooklyn Cafe in Tunisia. Dark leather sofas, atmospheric table lamps and many wooden interior details convey the spirit of New York. Here you can eat the most delicious cheeseburgers and drink them with American beer.

Address: 2 Rue Abdelaziz, El Saoud, El Manar, Tunis, Tunisia

Cafe El M’rabet
Walking slowly around the Medina, you can discover many tea and coffee houses, but Cafe El M’rabet is undoubtedly the most attractive and atmospheric among them. Here you can feel yourself inside the Arabian palace. Visitors and guests are sitting on carpets and various pillows around low tables, under high ceilings, among beautiful columns decorated with carved ornaments.

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