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What to do in the Maldives?

Maldives is a favorite destination of newlyweds for a romantic trip. For many, this place is associated with a quiet vacation in solitude with nature. However, the serene “doing nothing” – this is just one of the options for hanging out on the islands of paradise. We tell you what to do in the Maldives.

Enjoy beach relaxation
First of all, the islands go for calm relaxation on the ocean. Indeed, for this in the Maldives – the best conditions. Tourists are waiting for soft white sand, clear ocean and palm groves. The coast, as a rule, is wide, equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, showers and locker rooms.

The most popular for a beach holiday are the islands of Banyan Tri, Hadahaa, Naladu, Nika, Veligandu. On Maafushi, dolphins often sail to the shores, turtles “occupied” Kuredu, and Vaadu is known throughout the world as a “luminous beach”. Most of the coastline belongs to hotels. Therefore, you will also be offered to rent equipment for water entertainment and enjoy a delicious cocktail at the beach bar.

Explore the underwater world of the Indian Ocean
Maldives is a great place for diving and snorkeling. Firstly, the water temperature allows you to comfortably study the underwater world of the ocean for a long time. Secondly, there is excellent visibility – professional divers dive to a depth of 30 m. In addition, there are training centers for inexperienced divers on the islands.

The most favorable period for diving is January-April. Among the well-known dive sites, we note the Maaya reef, the Halawali wreck and the Embudu national reserve. Novice divers should swim inside the atoll. Professionals can study the outer walls of reefs, but one should be wary of strong currents.

In addition to corals, there are many sunken ships in the local depths, among them the ship “The Seagull” and the trading barge “Victoria” with the remnants of the goods that were brought into the islands.

Embark on an island cruise
Maldives – this is 26 atolls, consisting of thousands of islands. Each of them is special, so you should not limit yourself to only one where the hotel is located. The route can be made independently or you can use the services of tour agencies. In the second case, the question “what to do in the Maldives” will be decided by itself, because everything has already been invented for you. The cruise program includes:

a trip around South Male Atoll with a stop at Sand Bank Beach;
a visit to Ari Atoll, where tourists can see the colorful inhabitants of the ocean;
excursion on about. Digiri, on which rare species of exotic birds live;
The last point on the route is Baa Atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Take a walk in Male
Another option to do in the Maldives is to visit Male, the capital of the island nation, with highways, noisy streets and tall new buildings. When strolling around the city, be sure to visit the Muliage Palace, dating from 1913, the National Gallery, where the works of local artists and the ancient Great Friday mosque, protected by UNESCO, are collected.

Taste the freshest seafood
Maldives cuisine is served with fish and seafood dishes. The most popular ingredients are tuna and rice. They are served with various sauces and spices. The fish is grilled, fried in breading, smoked, dried and boiled.
Lentil cakes “papadam” or unleavened bread made from “roshi” rice flour are attached to all dishes. They drink milk in the Maldives with sugar, and they call this drink “kiru sarbat”. From traditional alcohol, try “gaa” – a liquor made from fermented milk.

By the way, here is another idea of ​​what to do in the evening in the Maldives. Go fishing. This is a very popular activity on the islands. And if there is a good bite, then the cooks in coastal restaurants will be happy to prepare your catch for you.

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