Sights of Hungary
The capital of Hungary - Budapest - is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The mountainous, right-bank part of the capital, Buda, contrasts vividly with the plain…

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Thailand which is definitely worth a visit
Experienced tourists admit that after a vacation in Thailand they are difficult to surprise with something. This country is a concentrate of impressions, incorporating everything that a traveler dreams of:…

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15 bright new hotels from around the world
Located on a remote island or in a secluded corner of the country, the hotels of the world do everything so that tourists can spend an unforgettable vacation. Since exclusive…

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The burning mountain of Yanardag (116 m) is considered one of the main attractions of the Absheron Peninsula. It is located in the small village of Mehemmedi, near Baku. This area has been known since ancient times for the release of natural gas from the earth, and when it comes into contact with oxygen, natural combustion occurs. This phenomenon was considered a divine mystery and attracted fire worshipers from all over the world. They built their temples here on sacred lights, one of which is the world-famous Ateshgah, preserved to this day.

The slope of Mount Yanardag has been engulfed in flames day and night for thousands of years. The natural fire of Yanardag is caused by the leakage of combustible natural gas from a large field under the Absheron peninsula. The ignition of this fire occurred in antiquity, and Marco Polo was mentioned. When lit up, it gives the impression that the mountain is burning. The famous Alexander Dumas, who visited here in 1858, also mentioned these places. Continue reading

Pantry health

The mountains. What could be more picturesque than these are huge “giants”. And the most beautiful mountains are located in Kislovodsk.

The Stavropol Territory is famous not only for its nature, but also for its mineral waters.

I advise people suffering from stomach pain and other diseases to go to this resort city. He is not big. But you can walk on it endlessly.

The station there is located in the center. Therefore, having arrived there, you can quickly get to the place of settlement.

You can live there either in a sanatorium or rent an apartment. Those wishing to receive treatment, in addition to mineral water, it is better to buy a ticket to the sanatorium in advance. And for fans just to walk and drink mineral water it will be more profitable to rent just an apartment. But in any case, you will not be left without housing, because as soon as you get off the train, they will immediately offer you housing. Continue reading

How and what to save on travel?

Any trip in almost any direction can be both expensive and very cheap. So, what needs to be done to significantly reduce the budget of any trip. Tips from the experienced traveler Elena Al Amin.

Choose a time.

If you are not a teacher or teacher, whose vacation most often falls on the highest season – summer, then plan trips abroad at this time. In April or September-October, rest in Europe is cheaper and fewer tourist crowds. By the way, in the fall in the Mediterranean countries it is still quite warm, but not hot anymore and, as a rule, you can calmly swim.

For Asia, the high season is just winter, so October-November or February-March will be the best choice.

Well, if you can only relax in the summer, then just in June-August the low season is in Thailand, the Philippines and Bali. In this “off season” it is quite comfortable to relax here. Continue reading

Novelties of the NOVOSTAR hotel chain in Tunisia
Since 2013, NOVOSTAR has been the guarantor of quality in Tunisia. Novostar Management Company is a company managing hotel complexes in the country, today it presents 7 hotels in which…


UK Attractions
SIGHTSEEING Although the British Isles are difficult to reach from the continent, they have been inhabited since ancient times. Here, since prehistoric times, tin was mined, and the Phoenicians and…


Travel to Thailand
He landed in Phuket, where, as usual, the sun fries and the locals smile. Phuket is for the most part mountainous, so a trip along the roads is pretty rocking.…


Ayers Rock is one of Australia's most amazing and beautiful places. It is located in the central region of Australia, 450 km southwest of Alice Springs. The extraordinary beauty of…